Space maintainers, also known as teeth spacers, are a band or a temporary crown used when your child loses a baby tooth early through decay or injury. Band and loop space maintainers or spacers for teeth are used to prevent the child’s other teeth from shifting into the vacant space. When the permanent tooth starts to come in, the space maintainer is removed.

Space maintainers are not permanent and are removed when permanent teeth erupt. There are two types of children space maintainers that your dentist may recommend, fixed or removable.

Fixed space maintainers are recommended for children because they are easy to maintain and are much less likely to be damaged or lost. Space maintainers can be placed on either the upper or lower arch to replace missing teeth and can save space for back teeth that are not ready to emerge.

Removable space maintainers are not often used for children. They perform the same function as the fixed type but are more prone to breakage and loss.

Talk to your space maintainer pediatric dentist during your next scheduled visit for more information on a space retainer or tooth space maintainer.