Dental Assistants

Do you ever look around at your dental office and wonder, “Who is that person assisting the dentist?” Well, we are Dental Assistants.

Dental Assistant

Dental Assistants are those who help the doctors take care of their patients’ treatment. They make sure that you are comfortable while being treated and aid the doctor with whatever he/she needs while your treatment is being completed. They play a big role in the smooth running of the dental office, checking on others to help and making sure the dentist has what they require in order to attend to your dental needs. Here are some of the tasks that dental assistants do on a regular basis:

Prepare instruments for upcoming procedures

Greet patients and show them to the exam room

Assist the dentist with procedures by handing them needed instruments (chairside assisting)

Handle lab procedures such as cleaning dentures, taking impressions, and processing orders

Provide patients with home care instructions

Update dental records and other administrative tasks

The exact duties of a dental assistant will vary depending on the job. Some dental assistants spend more time in the lab, while others may have administrative duties such as scheduling appointments and organizing paperwork.

With dental assisting, no two days are ever the same! Many dental assistants like the variety of tasks they get to handle. While a hygienist spends the majority of the day providing teeth cleanings, a dental assistant tends to have a wider variety of tasks throughout the day.

So, the next time you are at the dental office, you will know who is assisting the doctor and be sure to know that we are all here to make your dental experience as pleasant as it can be. Your dental health is our main priority and we want you to leave our office smiling!