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Premium dental care with the luxury of convenience is what we provide at Neighborhood Dental…Click to go to the home page…

We offer insurance guidance, emergency services, and convenient walk-in appointments. Our approach to patient care comes with a guarantee of dentistry without delay.

The second you arrive, our caring staff welcomes you with a smile and provides a quick and easy check-in process. We make the entire appointment seamless from beginning to end.

Every step is discussed in detail, ensuring you are informed and comfortable throughout. The cleaning, exam, and diagnosis are followed by our treatment coordinator explaining the steps forward along with your financial options

‘‘My whole family comes to Neighborhood Dental. They are always kind and courteous. All members of staff make you feel like home. The dentist chair can sometimes not be my favorite place to be, but everyone always calls my nerves. Thanks for all you guys do!’’

Krystal Hoag (41st St, Sioux Falls Office)

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