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Neighborhood Dental is the practice who cares about the community.

Home is where the smile shines over all worries. At Neighborhood Dental, your deepest concerns are our highest priority. Whether it’s dental anxiety or financial concerns – we’ve got you covered.

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Online Scheduling

Booking a dental visit has never been easier. Our online scheduling feature ensures expert dentistry without delay, respecting the value of your precious time.

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Online Forms

Looking to save a little time during your appointment? We offer fillable forms just a click away! You can either download and email the completed forms or print and bring with you to your appointment.

Get your forms now:

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Online Payment

We know your time is precious, therefore we offer a convenient online payment portal to help you pay effortlessly. Our hassle-free option is safe, secure, and always available.

Financing & Insurance Solutions

We find the right option for your circumstances.
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Financing Options

Bringing premium dental care at an affordable price is our goal. We have a number of payment methods available for you:

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Insurance Accepted

Neighborhood Dental gladly accepts all insurance plans, ensuring convenient access to quality dental care for everyone.

Prior to your appointment, our teams will provide a complimentary insurance benefits check, ensuring you’re informed about your coverage.

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Join the Neighborhood Dental Savings Program
Offering an affordable alternative to dental insurance.

Watch our video to learn how our Dental Savings Plan was created, and how it is helping Crystal on her journey to a healthier smile.

See the details of our plan or download your savings form.

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What to Expect from Your Visit?
Our team has reduced anxiety in all patients with our one-of-a-kind dental experience.
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We get it – the struggle of dental anxiety is real. But the answer to this is never avoiding it, but addressing it together. We do just that at Neighborhood Dental! With our caring staff, modern technology, and expert care, expect nothing less than an experience to remember.

We customize your visit to your individual needs, making it tailored to you. However, here is what you can always expect from us:

  • Friendly & caring staff
  • On-time seating guarantee
  • Modern technology and CBCT 3D imaging
  • Zero judgment, 100% comfort
  • Insurance & financial guidance
  • Emergency services and walk-ins
  • Each of our offices adheres to the latest CDC guidelines on infection control and COVID-19

Also, as one of our valued patients, you’ll enjoy education and top dental health tips from our caring team. What’s more, you can benefit from a host of helpful resources from the American Dental Association…Opens a new window to the ADA website….

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